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ハワイ島は、ハワイ諸島で最大の島であり、ビッグアイランドと呼ばれています。残りの島々をすべて合わせた大きさとほぼ同じであり、さまざまな生命に満ちあふれています。総面積4,000平方マイル (約10,400平方キロメートル) に及ぶこの島には、鬱蒼 (うっそう) と茂る熱帯雨林、黒砂海岸、雪を頂く山々、古代ハワイの集落跡、雄大なキラウエア火山といった見所が数多くあります。


マウイは、その想像を絶する美しさで知られています。高山のような森林が、世界最大級の休火山であるハレアカラ山の中腹の斜面を覆っています。海岸沿いを走る有名な「ハナ ハイウェイ (Road to Hana)」、岸を囲む白い砂浜、青い太平洋を臨む壮大な海食崖。遊覧飛行ツアーにご参加いただければ、マウイが幾度となく「世界最高の島」に選ばれている理由がすぐにおわかりになるでしょう。




600万年にわたる自然の驚異が、自然の賜物と呼ばれる今日のカウアイをつくりました。特に、他に類を見ない美しさのナパリ海岸、(「太平洋のグランドキャニオン」と呼ばれる) ワイメア渓谷、絶景のワイアレアレ山 (地球で2番目に降水量が多い場所) は、カウアイの素晴らしい奇跡であり、奥地にあるため、ヘリコプターでなければ近づけません。


Blue Hawaiian Helicoptersが世界中で評判になっている理由をご確認ください。

カウアイ - リフエ

Worst experience I have ever had on vacation! They separated my wife and I. I was put in the back corner by myself behind the pilot; facing the ocean for a good portion of the flight. One of the employees told me I was set to be with my wife in the front, but another man paid an extra $100 for my spot. I had already paid an extra $200 over the normal ticket price to ensure we would be together and comfortable. Most of the scenery was on the passenger side, but I couldn't see very well because there was a couple next to me with a baby in their laps that wouldn't hold still and when the baby was not in the way they had their go-pro on a stick blocking the window (the pilot would do occasional twists so I would get 2-3 seconds of a view). I voiced my concern before the flight, but the staff basically threatened to put us both where neither of us could see. My wife on the other hand had a great view and a great flight with some other man! Wish I could have experienced our 15 year anniversary helicopter flight in Hawaii with her!!Note: I waited 8 months to post because I thought I would get over how upset this made me, but I am obviously still very frustrated by my experience with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters!

1 week ago
カウアイ - リフエ

A fear of helicopters but it was time to overcome. A never forget experience, amazing views - pictures don't do it justice. The process of getting on board was smooth and they made me feel right at ease. Boarding with my family we slid on our headphones and off we went. Pilot was great, very knowledgeable and you could tell he had a passion for what he does. Book it and see images that with take your breath away. We flew into a volcano - do you need to say more!

1 week ago
Fantastic view of The Big Island by Helicopter
ビッグアイランド - ワイコロア

We had a great tour of the Big Island with Blue Hawaiian! Volcanos, waterfalls, mountains, rain forests....spectacular! We even had a couple on our trip that got engaged at the bottom of the waterfall! Our pilot was friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely competent.

3 weeks ago
カウアイ - リフエ

Fantastic! Paid for the upgrade to sit up front with the Pilot Shay.! One of our first tours! Worth every penny!

1 month ago
オアフ - ホノルル

신속하고 친절하며 안전한 헬기여행이였습니다

1 month ago
マウイ - カフルイ

1 month ago