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A State of Aloha

Welcome to Hawaii.

Made up of four main islands, plus four smaller islands, the legendary Hawaiian archipelago is one of the most magnificent places in the world. From lush rainforests and cascading waterfalls, to the white-sand and black-sand beaches, from the turquoise blue water to volcanic badlands to unforgettable historic sights, each island offers something uniquely beautiful that can only be experienced from the air. And the best way to experience it is with the world‘s most honored helicopter tour company.

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The Orchid Isle

The Big Island Experience

The Big Island of Hawaii is the largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago—almost as large as all the other islands combined—and bursting with life. Within 4,000 square miles of land, you’ll experience dense tropical rainforests, black-sand beaches, snow-capped peaks, remnants of ancient Hawaiian settlements, and the incredible Kilauea volcano.

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The Magic Isle

The Maui Experience

Maui is renowned for its unimaginable beauty. Alpine-like forests cover the upcountry slopes of Mt. Haleakala, the world’s largest dormant volcano. The famed “Road to Hana” hugs the coast, white sandy beaches line the shores, and magnificent sea cliffs hover over the blue Pacific. An aerial tour of Maui will quickly reveal why it’s continually been voted “The World’s Best Island.”

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The Garden Isle

The Kauai Experience

Six million years of powerful natural forces have sculpted Kauai into what it is today, a natural masterpiece. The incomparable Na Pali Coast, Waimea Valley (the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”), and stunning Mount Waiʻaleʻale (the second wettest place on earth), are among Kauai’s incredible wonders that are so remote, they are only accessible by helicopter.

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Blue Hawaiian is Hawaii‘s #1 helicopter tour company. Since 1985, it‘s been our mission to offer our guests a truly authentic experience of Aloha. From the moment you book your helicopter tour, we strive to create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. And for us, good enough is never enough. That‘s the Blue Hawaiian difference.

The Blue Hawaiian Experience

All Blue Hawaiian pilots are high-time experts, and State of Hawaii Certified Tour Guides

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The world's finest fleet of state-of-the-art helicopters

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Multiple award-winning customer service, sharing the true spirit of Aloha

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The helicopter you fly in has a huge impact on the quality of your air-tour experience. Compare Blue Hawaiian's state-of-the-art Eco-Stars and A-Stars with some other tour helicopters used in Hawaii. Check out these 360° rotatable views of the various helicopter interiors and exteriors.

Every seat offers greater personal space, first-class individual seats, and expansive glass for exceptional visibility. This is the world's newest and most expensive model of touring helicopter, and the first specifically designed for air tours. It is utilized by only three companies in Hawaii: Blue Hawaiian, Sunshine, and Maverick.

The Airbus A-Star AS350B2 offers excellent performance, long-range capabilities, a smooth ride for up to six guests, and an open cabin designed for 180º views from every seat. Featuring a climate-controlled cockpit and great air-conditioning, Blue Hawaiian's A-Stars also provide Bose® noise-cancelling headsets and two-way communication between guests and their pilot.

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Kauai - Lihue

My wife and I booked this heli ride for our honeymoon. Though the views were beautiful and pilot was great and very knowledgeable, the air conditioner vents where we were sitting were not working. The heat and Sun were unbearable. I was dying to get off the heli. We made the pilot aware but unfortunately there was nothing more he could do but report it when we got off. My wife and I got off dripping sweat and extremely uncomfortable. Unfortunately, as this made us very uncomfortable on the plane we had to leave it a 1 star review . I hope they fix this problem and prevent others from having the experience we did.

36 minutes ago
Kauai - Lihue

55 minutes ago
Terrible with little regard for you and your family’s experience. Money ahead of service
Maui - Kahului

Blue Hawaiian helicopters in Maui has little regard for its patrons. My family booked a flight on two helicopters a week prior to our flight. 16 hours prior to the flight, they cancelled one of the helicopter tours because they could not fill the flight with enough-people to make it profitable. Mind you they took payment and never mentioned that the flights were at risk of being cancelled or “unconfirmed.” The manager Mark seemed to have no concern for ruining our family vacation with my 80 year old parents and their grand children. Hey its just Buisness right? No need for customer service or concern for folks theses days. I have used Blue Hawaiian several times in the past on multiple islands, they will never see my buisness again. PLEASE BE VERY VERY CAREFUL BOOKING WITH THESE FOLKS!! THEY SEE YOU ONLY AS DOLLARS AND CENTS, AND WILL CANCEL YOU WITH VERY SHORT NOTICE. THEY WILL LEAVE YOU SCRAMBLING FOR A WAY TO FILL YOUR DAY AT THE LAST MINUTE. Not a buisness that respect you as a customer….not worth giving them your hard earned dollars.

10 hours ago
Oahu - Honolulu

20 hours ago
Oahu - Honolulu

Must do item when you come to Hawaii. Well worth the money. Great Staff and Awesome Pilot

Maui - Kahului

On a recent visit to Maui we elected to go on a tour with Blue Hawaii. The tour itself was amazing -- West Maui and Molokai. Our small group's concern was with our pilot's attitude about COVID precautions. Once we got past our dismay that proof of vaccination was not requested in order to sit in a crowded helicopter with strangers, we were greeted by our pilot, Derek, who began with would could be called a "rant" about masking -- and how he was not going to discriminate based on our decision to wear a mask or not. It was quite apparent from his comments that he clearly had unqualified opinions of his own that would run counter to what two of our group, as health care professionals, know to be fact. Thankfully, everyone in our small group and another group of 3 ladies joining us, was responsible and remained masked from beginning to end. I wish I could say the same about our pilot, Derek. He did seem to make a feeble attempt to "wear" a black surgical style mask, likely because it was required of him, though we *never* once saw him actually wear it over his nose throughout the duration of the flight. Needless to say, that was very concerning. If you have any concern whatsoever about being in a confined space for an hour with someone with unknown vaccination status who is flippant about COVID risk mitigation measures, then you may want to reconsider your options.

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