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Tours in Hawaii

Tours In Hawaii

View both man-made and natural tourist attractions in Hawaii by choosing from among our many helicopter tour options. Visit one of these pages - Big Island, Maui and Kauai - to find out what tours are currently being offered. If you're still not sure which is your best option, you can also see what images our Web cam is capturing at any given moment. In addition, take a photo tour of each island for a breathtaking preview of the vistas your own helicopter ride will afford you when you visit all the major tourist attractions in Hawaii from the air.

Tourist attractions in Hawaii from above

From the safety of the spacious, glassed-in cockpit of one of our ECO-Star helicopters, view the tall, cascading waterfalls, dramatic cliffs, natural blue pools, white sandy beaches and black volcanic sands in glamorous fashion. And, of course, none of our tours in Hawaii would be complete without several passes over the fiery volcanoes that spawned many of these extraordinary and striking geological landmarks.

Other, man-made tourist attractions in Hawaii that you can visit along the way include the grand, sloping golf courses favored by professional and amateur golfers around the world, along with thousands of acres of green agricultural land. Gorgeous sugar cane plantations carpet about 37,000 acres of land in Maui's sloping central valley region. In addition, our helicopter tours in Hawaii pass over the many colorful flower farms, onion, macadamia nut and other agricultural groves that have risen in prominence in recent history.