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Hawaiian tours were never so memorable

With its chain of large and small islands dotting the wide blue ocean, the rich green plant life and exotic native wildlife, this state in the Pacific remains on of the most popular tropical destinations for people the whole world over. And, once you experience the islands with us, you will want to return to this tropical paradise again and again - and come back to to book all your Hawaiian tours.

Hawaii helicopter rides offer super views

Hawaii Helicopter RidesThere is no better way to soak in the majesty of Hawaii. Helicopter tours afford once-in-a-lifetime glimpses of unearthly, unchartered terrain in the most scenic state in America. Hawaii helicopter touring company Blue Hawaiian Helicopters is recognized as one of the safest, most trusted touring companies in the world. And, our highly trained, highly educated pilots not only show you the unparalleled beauty of this land, but give you the perspective of its unique history.

After a Hawaii helicopter ride with our staff, you will never see the scenery on this chain of islands quite the same way. And, you'll never again want to view it without visiting first.

Our Hawaii helicopter tours fly higher

Our Hawaiian tours are reasonably priced, yet feature the most comfortable and memorable guided Hawaii helicopter tours available in the touring industry. Read on to see why National Geographic exclaimed our rides as "the most exciting way to see Hawaii." And, find out why the Travel Channel ranked us No. 1 in the world for the best in helicopter tour experiences.