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Better Hawaiian air tours through technology

Hawaii Helicopters

If you want to truly see the beauty of islands of Hawaii, helicopters offer the only viable option to experience them in the best way imaginable. From the air, you can view areas virtually untouched by man and learn about the history and geological activity that gave birth to this lush, mountainous region.

At, we make every element of a successful, enjoyable tour available to you. Most companies conducting Hawaiian air tours use A-Star models. In fact, approximately 85 percent of the aircraft used in helicopter touring are this model. That model was the preferred choice of air tour operators, worldwide, because of the open cabin design. The new EC130 is the next generation Astar, specifically designed for air tours.'s top-notch Hawaii helicopters

We offer our customers a superior air tour experience of Hawaii. The EC130 Helicopters in our fleet offer enhanced viewing and seating that can best be compared to 'First Class' versus coach. The "quiet technology" utilized in the ECO-Star helicopters produce 50 percent less noise over our delicate environment. And the passenger experience for all of our Hawaiian air tours are more relaxing and memorable than ever. This aircraft is the only air tour helicopter model in Hawaii that has been designated a 'Quiet Technology Aircraft' by the National Park Service. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters has been at the forefront of air tour in Hawaii. We've led the Fly Neighborly programs as well as the customer focus group that helped create this new model of air tour helicopter. At Blue Hawaiian Helicopters we strive for excellence in Hawaiian tours.