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Hawaii sightseeing covers lots of ground

Hawaii SightseeingIt goes without saying there is much to see in the course of any one of our Hawaiian island tours. The Big Island - the largest in the archipelago - is comprised of more than 4,000 square miles of rich land. The altitude starts from sea level and soars to nearly 13,700 feet above sea level at the peak of Mauna Loa, the world's largest single mountain mass.

Maui, home to the tropical resorts that draw millions of tourists to the sandy beaches, is a study in contrast. The hustle and bustle of Hawaii sightseeing in "The Magic Isle's" tourist industry is countered with the natural beauty of Mount Haleakala's volcanic crater and the majestic waterfalls at Wailua Cove.

And, Kauai, known as "The Island of Discovery" is considered by many to be the one with the most outstanding natural features. All three of these islands are included in our lineup; tour times include both day and evening flights.

Hawaiian island tours

Hawaiian Island ToursTo date, we have taken more than 1 million guests for spine-tingling rides over the great Hawaii. "Sightseeing," we believe, only takes on its full meaning when one has seen the sights from the heavenly heights of our helicopter Hawaiian island tours.

Use our virtual tours to take your first simulated flight over these beautiful islands. Once you get a taste of the tropics from a bird's-eye view, we know that you, like us, will want more of what our helicopter touring packages can offer. You will have memories to last a lifetime - and the DVD recording of your flight to prove it.