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Faithfully capturing Hawaii helicopter flights

Hawaii Helicopter FlightsWhile you marvel over the otherworldly attractions in Hawaii, we capture the whole experience for you so that you can remember and enjoy your Hawaii helicopter tour for years to come.

All of our Hawaii helicopter flights are recorded live and DVDs are made available for purchase after the tours.

Superior Hawaii helicopter tour recordings

Most touring companies offer videos of their rides. However, we take great measures to give our guests superior DVDs that are a step or two above our competition.

We use only high-end industrial equipment for our in-flight recordings. Each pilot has a four-way camera switch, which provides a variety of perspectives: to the front, right or left side of the aircraft, or inside the cockpit. These high-definition cameras allow pilots the focus on powerful, grand vistas, yet still catch a passenger's reaction during his or her Hawaii helicopter tour.

In addition to superb footage, our DVD recordings include music that complements the scenery along each of our Hawaii helicopter flights, as well as pilot narration and communication between the passenger and pilot.

Attractions in Hawaii, professionally recorded

Hawaii Helicopter TourThe avionics technicians in our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified repair station are trained in the maintenance of these sophisticated recording systems. Techs regularly check camera white balance, color, focus and sound quality to ensure the equipment is in proper working order. These extra steps mean you won't be sent home with dark, grainy or washed-out DVDs.

So, time and again you can gasp at the splendor of the many attractions in Hawaii - from the comfort of your own home.