Awards & Recognitions

Travel Channel

Television's top travel authority, The Travel Channel, recently took it upon itself to go around the world to determine the Top Ten World's Best in helicopter experiences. Here are the final ten, the very best of the best in the incomparable world of aerial touring:

  1. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters' "Heli-Eruption" – touring Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii.
  2. Heli-Skiing – Blue River, British Columbia
  3. Heli-Soaring – Grand Canyon, Arizona
  4. Heli-Vegas – Las Vegas, Nevada
  5. Heli-Hideaway – Durango, Colorado
  6. Heli-Water Rush – Niagra Falls
  7. Heli-Glacier Trek – Juno, Alaska
  8. Heli-Coastal Cruise – Belfast, Maine
  9. Heli-Stargazing – Hollywood, California
  10. Heli-Bungee – Toronto, Canada