Fly with the Movie Professionals

When top-notch film directors shoot in Hawaii, they call Blue Hawaiian.

The spectacular scenery and aura of romance in our Islands of Aloha may draw the attention of some of the industry's biggest name directors and producers, but shooting a major motion picture in Hawaii is a tricky business. Which is why Hollywood's top professionals only work with the best and most experienced movie experts in the state. In no area of the complex and extremely expensive business of making movies is this more important than with aerial photography. It is no small recognition, therefore, that when movie pros come to Hawaii, over and over they trust the aerial photography on their multi-million dollar productions to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.

Blue Hawaiian’s incredible work with aerial photography is displayed in Steven Spielberg’s mega-hit Jurassic Park and its sequels, The Lost World and Jurassic Park III, plus the recent worldwide blockbuster, Jurassic World, in which a Blue Hawaiian Eco-Star is also featured on-camera in multiple scenes. Other phenomenal aerials flown by Blue Hawaiian’s pilots can be seen in the action thrillers Battleship, Flight of the Intruder, Crimson Tide, and The Big Bounce, as well as the Disney productions Pearl Harbor, the comedy George of the Jungle, and Six Days, Seven Nights with Harrison Ford. Blue Hawaiian pilots also flew the aerial photography for the films Honeymoon in Vegas with Nicolas Cage, and Pirates of the Caribbean - At World’s End with Johnny Depp, plus the last Pirates sequel, On Stranger Tides. The company also worked with Ben Stiller on his hit production Tropic Thunder.

Television producers also choose Blue Hawaiian. Dozens of classic TV commercials, MTV, the Dating Game, The Food Channel, The Weather Channel and National Geographic have all utilized Blue Hawaiian's services. And when Wheel of Fortune came to the Big Island for an entire week of shows, once again it was Blue Hawaiian that handled the aerial photography.

Next time you're thinking of booking a helicopter tour in Hawaii, remember that, over and over, movie professionals trust Blue Hawaiian to fly the aerial photography on their blockbuster productions. Perhaps they know something you should know.

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