Awards & Recognitions

The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences

Star Diamond Award: Typically presented to only the cream of five- and six-star hotels, cruise lines and restaurants world wide, the Five Star Diamond Award for Outstanding Quality and Service is considered to be the most prestigious recognition in the entire travel industry. Blue Hawaiian is the only aerial tour company in the world to receive this exclusive award—and it has received it every year since 1995.

In acknowledgement of Blue Hawaiian's consistent excellence over two decades, the Academy has now bestowed its ultimate accolade: The Six Star Diamond Award.

Founded in 1949, the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences is the world’s premier organization for awarding excellence in travel, cuisine, luxury products and services. Each year, the Academy bestows its coveted International Star Diamond Award—a recognition that many strive for, but few achieve—on superlative establishments that are deemed to be of pinnacle quality. Based in New York City, the Academy is governed by an international Board of Trustees. All members of the Board are respected leaders in the industry and are, themselves, sophisticated world travelers. Valuable sources around the globe routinely submit nominations to the Board for review. The Board then refines the selection to those who qualify for the ultimate evaluation. Among the elite membership of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences are five-star quality hotels, resorts, spas, airlines, cruise lines, automobiles, products, restaurants and chefs. Invitations to join the Academy are based on the nominee’s total commitment to excellence within its category and classification, and the reflection of that commitment through its delivery of consistent excellence to its guests or customers. These rigorous standards set the Academy’s International Star Diamond Award above and beyond all others.