Awards & Recognitions

Department of Defense and OAS Certified

Since 1999, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters has been certified by the Department of Defense (DOD), and since 1996 by the Department of the Interior's Office of Aviation Services (OAS), to provide air transportation to the United States Government. As a prerequisite to doing business in support of the United States military, the DOD Commercial Airlift Review Board rigorously examines and continuously monitors flight operations, maintenance, quality assurance, and safety. In each instance, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters has successfully demonstrated its ability to conduct safe and reliable operations.

Stringent biannual safety audits are performed by a dedicated US Military Safety Audit Team to ensure that the company complies with the highest safety standards in all areas, with a focus on operations and maintenance. In the case of OAS, the audit is an annual check of firefighting equipment, aircraft, and pilots.