Hawaii is beautiful from any angle, but there’s no faster way to take in the magnificence of all four main islands than with a flying tour. Helicopter tours in Hawaii survey all the natural features of the state in a breathtakingly smooth panorama that lasts from liftoff to touchdown, allowing you to truly appreciate the lush vegetation, beautiful beaches, and rich volcanic features of the land below you.

Hawaii Tour Packages 

With tour package choices that allow you to see any of the major islands or all of them, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters makes it easy to get a closer look at everything you came to Hawaii to see. Flying tours help you understand the relationships between the places you visit throughout your stay, and they provide you with a chance to see all of them from an angle you never expected. Retrace your snorkeling grounds from above and glimpse a wider range of ocean life below over longer distances than you ever could while swimming, or get a look at a volcano from above. You can see it all from the air.

Enhance Your Hawaii Vacation

No matter what brings you to Hawaii, a beautiful flying tour is the perfect way to make sure you get to see it all before you go. It also provides your schedule with a little down time in what can be a very physically active trip. Planning the tour to break up beach time and other outdoor activities adds rhythm to the day and gives you a chance to get off your feet before the next active phase of your adventure, building up the second wind that carries you through to evening.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few very common questions our team gets from first-time clients, so we put them all together in one place to help you get answers.

How Long Is a Full Flying Helicopter Tour?

There are a few different tour options available from Blue Hawaiian, with flight times varying from 50 minutes, to 2 hours and 15 minutes. In addition to the flight time, guests should plan on spending 75 minutes in preparation and after landing in total. Tasks covered during preparation and post-landing include:

  • Weight checks to ensure accurate flight weight calculations
  • A 7-minute FAA-required helicopter flight safety video
  • Pilot Q&A and seating orientation
  • COVID screening
  • Viewing trip recording highlights
  • Souvenir shopping after landing

If you like the 2-camera recording of your trip, you can purchase it for $62.49 before leaving for the day. There are also other merchandise options if you’re looking for more souvenirs of the tour.

How Many Passengers Fit in the Helicopter?

Our helicopters seat six passengers per tour, making it easy for you to book a trip for your whole family. Tours typically fill up, so if you are booking less than six seats you will need to plan on sharing the flight.

Why do You Need My Weight?

Helicopter capacity is a matter of safety, and tracking the total weight of passengers and fuel is necessary as a result. That’s why a personal weight needs to be provided at booking and confirmed on arrival. Helicopters usually have tighter safe weight for flight requirements than planes, and confirming weight helps our team plan for safety. 

What Can You Bring on the Flight?

Loose items like hats, purses, and backpacks are not allowed on the helicopter tour flight, but there are lockers available at Blue Hawaiian to store your personal items while you’re in the air. 

Here is a full list of items you can bring with you on your tour:

  • Cell phones (in airplane mode)
  • Cameras
  • Small water bottles, plastic only

These restrictions are in the interests of safety and compliance with FAA regulations for flight security. Please keep them in mind when planning what you will carry on the day of your tour, and don’t hesitate to ask if you need one of our lockers.

What Should Passengers Wear?

The helicopter is climate controlled, so shorts and open-toed shoes are fine for passengers. Anything heavy like a jacket is frequently too warm, even at altitude, and many passengers wind up leaving jackets or pullovers in the lockers. The short answer to what to wear is whatever you wore to get to the beach or to your last activity will likely be comfortable for your helicopter adventure. 

We do heavily recommend that you consider wearing dark solid colors when possible. This will help avoid your reflection in the windows of the helicopter being a distraction or impacting the quality of your photos during the tour. Brighter colors and white clothing will create a glare that is going to make it more difficult to see and we want you to have the best possible experience. 

Will There Be Turbulence? What Will It Feel Like?

Bumps and other forms of light turbulence are less detectable in a helicopter than they are in most planes, even larger planes and commercial jets. This is due to the aerodynamics governing each flight method and body design. In addition to the overall greater stability of helicopters, Blue Hawaiian flies only when conditions are favorable and the tour will be enjoyable. There’s always a chance of a slight bump once or twice in a tour, but you should expect to feel a smoother ride than you generally enjoy in a plane, especially during takeoff and landing.

Confirm Your Booking Today

Now is the time to make sure you have a tour booked for your vacation. Early booking helps you get the time you want on the tour you most want to see, giving you the chance to complement the day with activities like shopping or a trip to the beach. Contact Blue Hawaiian today to schedule one of our helicopter tours