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Maui helicopter tours take it in

Maui Helicopter ToursThere are many reasons Hawaii's second-largest island is known as "The Magic Isle." It's a fact that this North Pacific paradise is home to a large number of swanky, luxury resorts and cozy, private condos. But modern man's architectural contributions to the island are in sharp contrast to isolated regions of lush, raw natural beauty that dot Maui. Helicopters surely have a great deal of territory to cover for the tourist who wants to see it all. Our touring route takes our guests over such attractions as:

  • Iao Valley
  • the whaling town of Lahaina
  • Haleakala Volcano
  • Mauna Kahalawai mountain peaks
  • the waterfalls at Wailua Cove
  • Ka'eleku Caverns
  • Hana Rainforest
Blue Hawaiian's Maui helicopter tours take it all in - all 727 square miles of wonder.

Maui helicopters see what Cook saw

Maui HelicoptersEnglish explorer, Captain James Cook was the first European explorer to discover the island. Cook "landed" on Nov. 26, 1778, but, incredibly, he never actually set foot on Maui. Helicopter tours quickly reveal why: The rugged island, which is comprised mainly of two volcanic masses connected by a narrow isthmus, provided no suitable spot on which Cook could step onto solid ground. That deep valley that is the isthmus is punctuated by the volcanic peaks of the Mauna Kahalawai and Haleakala volcanoes, which rise 5,788 and 10,000 feet respectively.

Book your island tour with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, and see what Cook saw more than two centuries ago. Even better, our Maui helicopters will give you the sky-high vantage point the old sailor never could have dreamed possible.