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Experience the razor-like peaks and soaring waterfalls of the West Maui Mountains.

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We pioneered live, in-flight video during your helicopter tour. Now we’ve perfected it.

Each tour is recorded using four, 3CCD chip cameras mounted in the helicopter; one in the nose, one on each side of the helicopter and one in the cockpit. The pilot selects the appropriate camera during the tour with a toggle switch mounted on the flight controls to capture the most interesting scene during the tour. Brief takes are made of passengers during the tour to capture expressions to what you are seeing. All music, pilot narration and the microphone communication between you and the pilot are recorded. The music is specially chosen to compliment the changing scenery.

This recording system is unique. We have continually upgraded our video system to incorporate the latest technologies and have invested over $700,000 in the development and implementation of this system fleet-wide. No other company can offer the quality of video recording available from Blue Hawaiian. The video is demonstrated at the end of the tour and guests have the option to purchase it.