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Kauai helicopter rides

Never ridden in a small aircraft before? What better place to have your first air adventure than Kauai? Kauai Helicopter rides - especially when you consider the uneven terrain and jutting hills - are actually one of the safest modes of transportation in the Hawaiian Islands. No roadway hairpin turns, no slippery rocks to climb - just wide-open, blue sky.

With Blue Hawaiian, you can safely and quickly see normally unreachable sights in Kauai. And, helicopters employed by our company are the roomiest and quietest available in the touring industry to date.

We fly the latest generation of the widely used, economical A-Star models used by other companies. But, our claim to fame is the ECO-Star line, specifically designed for touring and ideal for seeing Kauai. Helicopters in the ECO-Star line feature larger cabins fitted with theater-style seating, and the quiet-rotor technology means 50 percent less noise infiltration. It's obvious these were the first built expressly for touring.

Kauai and helicopters - the perfect team

Kauai Helicopter RidesWhere in the world can you see wisps of snow atop a mountain peak, and in the very next moment, witness rain showers in a deep valley followed just minutes later by a pass through a stretch of dry desert? The answer: Kauai. Helicopter rides whisk visitors through these amazing landscapes and weather twists in powerful fashion like no car can. Kauai and helicopters go together like Kona coffer and cream, so to speak.

Kauai helicopters in motion

One fleeting look at the wide-ranging topography and ever-changing weather from the comfort of our Kauai helicopters in flight, and it's hard to imagine seeing the island any other way.

For a sneak peek at how your own air journey might look, take one of the virtual tours featured on our Web site.