Why a Hawaiian Helicopter Tour Will Become Your Most Cherished Vacation Memory

The Hawaiian islands are full of diverse and stunning landscapes, and a helicopter tour is one of the most memorable ways to experience them. From the moment your helicopter takes off, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the beauty of these magical lands. 

Scenic flights are one of the most popular activities for visitors, but if you’re still unsure about booking a helicopter tour in Hawaii, perhaps these 5 reasons to take to the skies will convince you to book an adventurous excursion you’ll never forget.

1. You’ll see more of Hawaii in less time

No matter which island you stay on, choosing what to see and do during your vacation can be incredibly difficult — there are so many possibilities!

With a helicopter tour, you don’t have to decide between witnessing the meandering valleys of the Big Island’s Kohala Mountains or getting an up-close look at the famous Kilauea volcano. You can easily see these sights, and so many others, on a tour like our Big Island Spectacular

2. Helicopter tours let you see places that are otherwise inaccessible

A helicopter tour will give you a bird’s-eye view of landscapes you might never have a chance to see from the ground.

Some of Hawaii’s most impressive spots aren’t accessible via car. Kaui illustrates this point perfectly because there are no roads circling this tropical paradise. If you want to see the island’s most remote and scenic attractions, like the 17-mile Na Pali coast’s dramatic sea cliffs and valleys or the Waimea Canyon, a Kauai helicopter tour is truly the best (and only) way to get there.

3. Helicopter tours are a great way to find your next ground adventure

A helicopter tour can also give you a chance to scout new locations for other outdoor adventures. Let’s use Maui as an example: During the flight, you might see the imposing peaks of the West Maui Mountains. Much of this wild terrain is inaccessible and can only be seen from the sky, but there are still plenty of opportunities for hiking and exploring in the area, and you can scope them out from above. 

However, before exploring Maui (or any other island), please remember to do your research. Be mindful of private land borders and sites with cultural significance, know what type of gear you need, and always carry emergency supplies just in case.

4. A helicopter tour in Hawaii gives you a fresh perspective

Seeing something from above gives you access to an entirely new and unique perspective, which can be especially interesting if you’ve already visited on foot. 

For example, viewing Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial from the air during a helicopter tour of Oahu is a completely different experience than a tour on land. 

5. A helicopter tour in Hawaii is an experience you’ll never forget

No matter which island you’re visiting, soaring over Hawaii in a helicopter is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never forget. After all, vacations are about experiencing new things and making memories… and a helicopter tour checks both boxes!

Choosing a helicopter tour company in Hawaii  

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a tour company, and each of the main islands will have a number of providers. 

We encourage you to learn more about each company you’re considering. Look at safety records, learn how pilots are trained, and make sure you feel comfortable with every part of the operation. To kickstart your research, you can learn more about Blue Hawaiian and our commitment to the Aloha Spirit here.


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