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They were explorers, searching for their dream of paradise.

A millennium before Columbus, guided only by the stars and sun, the air and currents and the voices of their gods, they set out across thousands of miles of ocean. They carried in their hearts the image and tradition of their ancestral homeland, a mystical place where their gods resided, and to which their own spirits would return after death to live out eternity in peace and joy. The ancient name of this heaven was Hawaii.

We can only try to imagine the emotions that overcame these intrepid voyagers at the end of their epic journey, when it must have seemed that they had actually left their old world behind and passed into another. For on some immaculate dawn lost in time, there rose before them islands of such staggering majesty, such incredible power and beauty, and so alive with the cosmic fires of creation that it simply had to be that sacred place that until now had lived only in their legends.

So they bestowed on this utopia their highest tribute — the name of their heaven, Hawaii.

Today's Hawaii has been built from the dreams of all who journey here — those who stay, and those who return again and again. We share our diversity, our multi-cultural heritage, our hospitality, and our gratitude for the blessings of our home.

And we extend to all the timeless welcome known as "Aloha." For each person who steps onto Hawaii's shores is, in his way, like those ancient voyagers — following his own special dream to the one place on earth where every dream of paradise comes true. At Blue Hawaiian, we are proud to be part of Hawaii's great traditions. A Blue Hawaiian tour is not a thrill ride, but a true adventure in discovery and exploration. This is why all of our pilots are certified Hawaiian tour guides, so that they can share with you the fascinating knowledge and culture of these islands that make all who live here love it so much.

In fact, it was a concern for the ecology of Hawaii's pristine wilderness — so much of which can only be explored from the air — that drove Blue Hawaiian's desire for the development of the Eco-Star. Every helicopter tour is truly the ultimate in eco-tourism. Unlike wilderness trekking, horseback riding, trail hiking, and river-running, tour helicopters have no negative impacts on the delicate ecosystems of our national parks and wilderness areas. Yet there was still that one factor of noise that concerned us, and we Blue Hawaiian wanted to do something about it. Thus was born the Eco-Star, and now the birds and animals that inhabit places like our magical rainforests are far less disturbed when we fly over them.