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The Platinum Program of Safety

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters was the first helicopter tour company to be certified by the HAI Platinum Program of Safety.

Since 1948, the Helicopter Association International (HAI) has brought together the leaders of the civil helicopter industry. Membership includes helicopter operators and owners, users, manufacturers and suppliers, service organizations and individuals interested in following the events of the commercial helicopter industry.

The objective of the Platinum Program of Safety is to bring about a positive change in the safety culture within the civil helicopter industry, resulting in a significant enhancement in aviation safety.

Under the provisions of the Platinum Program of Safety, the Safety Committee has identified a set of well-established "recommended practices" that are acknowledged to enhance safety. These recommended practices serve as the criteria for qualification for Platinum Program of Safety status of HAI Regular members. HAI will award Platinum Program of Safety status to those regular members who certify that they adhere to the criteria listed below, indicating a commitment to a higher standard of safety through the adoption of the industry's best practices. Certification for Platinum Program of Safety status must be made annually.

The criteria that serve as the cornerstone of the Platinum Program of Safety focuses on four pillars that support safety:


The direct and/or indirect actions and policies of those in supervisory capacities that affect flight operations.


The actual conduct of flight operations, from planning for flight through conclusion of the flight operation.


All elements of a program that support flight operations, including aircraft, dispatch, maintenance, equipage, training, and operating procedures.

Aviation Safety Program

A formal program sponsored by management that is proactive and interactive in heightening safety awareness amongst all individuals that affect flight operations.

Safety program

Each organization will have a documented Safety Program tailored toward providing the organization with the following benefits:

  • Enhancement of safety standards
  • A reduction and/or prevention of accidents, deaths and/or injuries
  • The lowering of economic cost factors for the loss of equipment, time, income, work opportunity and insurance
  • Improvement in public opinion of the helicopter industry
  • The opportunity to "platinum-ize" other organizational plans or programs


Operators requesting Platinum Program of Safety status shall certify that they adhere to the following criteria:

Development of and Adherence to an "Operations Manual"

The Operations Manual should be a functional, single-source manual that contains a complete detailed description of all operational elements of the organization and provides guidance, policies and directives regarding the conduct of flight operations.

Development of a Comprehensive Training Program

Applicants for Platinum Program of Safety status will have developed and implemented a formal training program that addresses the following areas:

  • Initial Training
  • Recurrent Training
  • Mission Specific Training
  • Continuing Education
  • Management Training
  • Fly Neighborly Training

Annual Safety Audit

The Operator shall conduct an annual safety audit, the objective of which is to verify compliance with the Safety Program. The auditor, the safety manager and the chief executive officer (or equivalent) will certify that the applicant adheres to the criteria of the Platinum Program of Safety. The initial safety audit must be conducted through an external auditor, although alternating audits thereafter may be internal or external audits. However, no two consecutive audits, subsequent to the initial external audit, are to be internal. Guides provided on HAI's website, through a link on this discussion of audits, listing HAI members who conduct safety audits. (This listing serves only as an initial reference guide and lists only HAI members. It serves neither as an endorsement nor a requirement as to who may conduct a safety audit.)

Operational Statistics

The applicant will be required to provide basic operational information regarding aircraft and hours flown during the year prior to application. The objective of operational statistics is to provide measurement to HAI Platinum Program of Safety statistics in relation to comparable industry statistics. Any operational data provided will remain confidential and will be utilized only to compile summary information.