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FAA Certified Repair Station

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters is a Federal Aviation Administration Certificated FAR Part 145 Repair Station. The company specializes in aircraft maintenance and repair services and offers the largest helicopter parts inventory in the Pacific basin.

Blue Hawaiian maintains and operates all aircraft in accordance with the Manufacturers Maintenance Schedule, Federal Aviation Administration Regulations and the Blue Hawaiian Helicopters AAIP Maintenance Program.

FAA Certified Repair Station certificate

All Blue Hawaiian aircraft receive daily maintenance checks, before the first flight of the day, after shutdown, during turnaround and after the last flight. All aircraft are equipped with Health, Usage, and Monitoring Systems to record any exceedences of flight parameters. All exceedences are analyzed by type, severity and duration. The appropriate maintenance action is then performed as necessary.

Aircraft and engine flight hours are tracked on a computerized system at the Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Base Station in Kahului, Maui. Updated flight hours are entered into the computerized tracking system and updated daily for each aircraft at every base. Flight Logbook duplicate sheets are faxed to the main base where they are reviewed for accuracy and maintenance discrepancies. Engine performance data is documented to monitor the condition of each engine.

All scheduled inspections, component overhaul and retirement items are also monitored on a computerized tracking system. Each base has access to this system. Aircraft maintenance scheduled inspections are programmed in advance to allow for optimum utilization of maintenance resources. Component overhaul and retirement items are forecasted two months in advance and ordered with ample time to have the required parts, tooling and manpower available when necessary. All inspections, overhauls and replacement of retirement items are documented in the aircraft flight logbook, and aircraft records. Transmittal Forms are sent to the main base where the computer tracking system is updated with the new data. Component Control Status Sheets are available at all bases to monitor inspection, overhaul and retirement status.

All airframe and engine parts are purchased directly from the manufacturer. All parts purchased have complete traceability from the time of manufacture. All rejected parts are segregated from serviceable items. A file system is maintained on all precision test equipment to ensure calibration status meets the manufacturers’ specifications.

We provide continuing maintenance training to all of our technicians annually. Airframe and engine Factory training is brought to Hawaii every other year. We actively participate in the FAA Maintenance Technicians Awards Program, having received the Employers Diamond Award every year since 1995. First Aid, Fire Safety and Hazmat training is ongoing. All training is documented in the employee’s files. Blue Hawaiian Helicopters also provides weekly maintenance training sessions that cover manufacturers’ bulletins and related maintenance updates.

At Blue Hawaiian Helicopters we have a comprehensive program established to ensure that our aircraft are always maintained to the highest possible standard. During the normal course of operations we perform a total refurbishment of each aircraft every five thousand hours which translates to every three years in calendar time. This may vary with aircraft model and total time flown, but has been the standard throughout the past ten years. During this major inspection each aircraft is totally stripped of paint without harsh chemicals through the use of a plastic media under pressure. The airframe is then inspected for corrosion and structural integrity. Any defects are corrected at this time. The flight controls are inspected as well as the fuel and electrical systems. The aircraft is then repainted, interiors, weather-stripping and windows are systematically replaced at this time. The entire process takes over two months and far exceeds the manufacturers’ recommendations.