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Relax and enjoy our Maui tours

Maui ToursLike most people considering one of our acclaimed helicopter tours on Maui, you probably don't want to be concerned about safety. With Blue Hawaiian, there's no need to be. Once we explain why, you'll never feel the need to worry about the safety of our Maui tours. Blue Hawaiian is the only helicopter touring company in the world that operates its own flight simulator. This allows all of our already experienced pilots to undergo extensive flight and instrument training in virtual scenarios, such as the quick succession of rainy, dry and arid conditions one can encounter on typical Maui tours. They are also well versed in what goes on under the hood of our top-of-the line aircraft. And, each aircraft is equipped with a terrain mapping system to assist our pilots in navigation in cloudy and mountainous environments.

The safest helicopter tours on Maui

Best Helicopter Tours In MauiThrill rides might be just the thing for an adrenaline junkie on an adventure bender, but that's not our style. Yes, you will be titillated by the striking vistas and amazing vantage points, but we put your safety and a positive, educational experience above all else. You could say we take fun seriously.

We are the first operator in the world to receive certification under the Tour Operator Program of Safety, and the first to be certified under the Platinum Program of Safety from the Helicopter Association International.

Let's review: experienced pilots with continuous training, top-notch equipment, a culture of safety and respect for our guests and commendations that validate our Herculean efforts to be tops in our field. Keep those things in mind when it comes time to schedule your family's helicopter tours on Maui.