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Kauai Tours

What does one need to look for to find the best helicopter tours in Kauai? Experienced pilots, a spotless safety record and state-of-the art equipment are a great start. Our military trained pilots/tour guides have between 4,000 and up to 17,600 hours of flight time and continue their records in our quite, spacious ECO-Star helicopters. In addition, our FAA-certified company was the first to also receive certification in the Platinum Program of Safety through the Helicopter Association International.

Schedule your tour and your family member's Kauai tours with confidence though, knowing that you will be in good hands.

Best helicopter tours in Kauai

Spend a week or two on this amazing island, and the most memorable hour of your trip is likely to be the time you spend with us. We aren't just bragging when we say we give our guests the best helicopter tours in Kauai.

Our pilots know this region and its rich history. They know the climate, the topography and the landmarks - and they are well aware of the fact that every guest wants to see it all. Our Kauai tours take riders from the depths of the white, sandy coastline at sea level and through the deep central valley, eroded in dramatic fashion by thousands of years of torrential rain in the wettest spot on Earth (this valley averages an annual rainfall of more than 450 inches). The water-carved cliffs are also home to jaw-dropping waterfalls.

In stark contrast to the central valley's depths, the island's highest point, Mount Waialeale at the center of the isle, rises more than 5,000 feet above see level.