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Hawaii tourist attractions

Hawaii Tourist AttractionsThere is a reason Hawaiian island tours by helicopter continue to gain in popularity among visitors to these tropical islands. Situated some 2,300 miles from the "lower forty-eight" in the North Pacific, "The Garden State" is foreign and exotic to many mainland Americans.

Tourists can get their fill of the culture and history by touring on foot and by vehicle throughout Hawaii. Island tours by air, however, provide not only the historic perspective but lend an otherworldly ambiance to an already heavenly setting. The ruggedness of The Big Island's Mauna Loa mountain mass and the glow and steam of its still-active Kilauea volcano could never be completely absorbed without the view afforded to visitors through Hawaiian island tours via helicopter.

Modern day Hawaiian island tours

Hawaiian Island ToursHawaii tourist attractions such as Kauai's Waimea Canyon, central valley rainforest and the region's breathtaking waterfall in the Hanakapiai Valley have been inspiring awe in visitors for literally thousands of years. The first inhabitants - Polynesians believed to be from the Marquesas in the South Pacific - colonized the islands in approximately 1000 AD. The craggy, yet fertile, topography has fascinated and confounded millions of settlers and tourists ever since.

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These days, there is no reason for modern-day explorers to restrict all their travel around this stunning countryside to slow and laborious ground movement. If soaring mountains, plunging waterfalls and dramatic, red lava flows are on your touring agenda, then an exhilarating helicopter ride high above this dazzling land is the only way to go. There is no better view of Hawaii tourist attractions than the vistas you can glimpse while riding the skies with us.

We have a wide selection of sightseeing packages for you to choose from, depending on where you intend to stay. Browse our selection of Hawaii island tours to choose the package that best suits your vacation plans.