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Geology - the "hidden" Hawaii attraction

Hawaii AttractionBecause they were formed through thousands of years of volcanic upheaval, these islands are home to some of the richest, most dramatic geological formations on Earth. The so-called "Garden State" holds the distinction of being the only state in the nation that, thanks to active extrusive lava flows, primarily from Kilauea, continues to grow in area. ( Hawaii air tours afford heart-stopping views of the glowing red volcanic flows and the steam that rises as the lava hits the ocean water.) This Hawaii attraction alone draws people in droves to witness its splendor. It's worth noting that this state is also distinctive in other ways: the only American state located entirely in the tropics the only state (other than Alaska) that does not share a border with any other state the only one that does not have territory on the mainland of any continent and is completely surrounded by water Even Alaska can't claim all that.

Hawaii air tours see all

Hawaii Air ToursEven locals with intimate knowledge of the area would be hard pressed to single out one favorite Hawaii attraction. That's why we take every precaution possible when considering our flight paths to ensure that our Hawaiian island tours encompass all the "obvious" attractions in addition to other natural phenomena that are further off the beaten path but just as awe-inspiring.

Hawaiian island tours complete the picture

You would be justified in feeling gypped if you had to depart from this tropical paradise without some of the rarest and most comprehensive views of its impressive topography. That's why Hawaii air tours are so popular; no amount of lava rock climbing and bird watching can come anywhere close to putting in perspective the massive natural upheaval that gave rise to the entire archipelago. Hawaiian island tours can do just that.